What We Do

Ironbark Software are suppliers of ERP solutions, otherwise known as business management software. Ironbark solutions are entirely integrated, each module and system fitting in perfectly with each other, removing the need for re-entry of data. This ensures business processes run smoothly throughout an entire organisation.

Ironbark develop industry specific business management software for fresh produce, fuel, timber, supply chain, manufacturing, building & construction, project management, wholesale distribution and retail industries.


Ironbark project-manage the entire transition between systems including clarifying system requirements, configuring the system, data conversion where applicable, and user training.

Selecting and implementing a total IT solution to manage an entire business is a major enterprise. It often requires significant organisational change and reengineering of business processes. In larger or more complex environments, a change-agent or management consultant can be required.

Ironbark maintain positive working relationships with both internal and external consultants who assist in easing the transition between software systems and have a network of suitable contacts for clients in need of recommended services.


Ironbark customer support is total. There is a dedicated help desk to provide technical assistance and troubleshooting to all clients. Senior programmers are available for custom development of systems, and further training sessions are easily arranged to suit.

Ensuring clients reap the maximum value from their IT solutions is paramount; Ironbark are proud to deliver software that evolves with client’s businesses.

Commitment to ongoing research and development ensure that Ironbark is software to grow with.


Ironbark offers consulting services to help you solve your business problems through smarter processes and applications.  We can come to you to assess your processes and assist you in streamlining your business requirements to help you stay ahead of new technologies.

Custom Development

While all Ironbark clients value the financials and their major industry specific systems some require special attention for new or customised operational applications.

With Ironbark’s versatile technology and wide implementation experience they can easily discuss, create, and optimise technology to suit individual requirements. Let Ironbark create something for your business nobody else has…

Data Centre – Cloud Computing Services

The Ironbark data centre is a cloud computing service Ironbark provide that offers clients a one stop shop for their software solutions that removes all physical hosting responsibilities.
This service is designed for clients who do not want to handle the ownership, maintenance, and administration of services based within their own offices, or to pay a third party for use of their servers to host their software.

Ironbark’s data centre negates the need for hardware or installing software on client computers, the user simply logs into their system through an internet portal; all that is required from the client’s end is a reliable internet connection.

As with all Ironbark products, the data centre is completely catered for; Ironbark update and upgrade the hardware and protect the servers against system failures by basing them in a N+2 environment meaning backup for power, cooling and internet all have a fall back source. As an example, if the power failed then generators automatically switch on.

The Ironbark data centre has quickly gained momentum with existing clients as they claim it is a cost effective alternative to owning servers in house, especially when space, maintenance, and reliability are factored.

Tablet Technology

The famous Apple iPad’s popularity has spread like wildfire within the business sector since their release in April 2010. The iPads impressive integration into work place use led to variations of the technology being developed. One such example is the Samsung Galaxy. The iPad uses Google’s operating system and while they remain undisputed kings of consumer use, android tablets such as the Galaxy are developed with the Google operating system, giving them more potential for business operations.

Ironbark has recognised the rise in the tablets attractiveness to several industries and accommodated this by developing applications to capitalise on this riveting new technology.

Two main applications have been developed to date, local remote desktop protocol (RDP) apps and remote apps.

Local remote desktop protocol applications use local with wifi connection and direct connection using terminal services to connect to the server. Development of this app has called for adjustments in the process flow to handle the smaller screens, screen sizing adjustments, and the use of touch and swipe technology.

The local applications are being used in the fresh produce market among salesmen and agents as a tool to eliminate written dockets and to gain real time monitoring of stock levels and transfers between growers, warehouses, and market floors. The use of tablet technology has already significantly cut over and under selling of goods.

Remote applications have been developed to allow the tablet to function offline for periods of time without the server database; it updates the main server once it is able to reconnect.

The remote apps have been written specifically to operate using the android (Google) operating system; they require a local database and data to function and a web service to send and receive information from the server.

The transport and logistics industry has benefited from the introduction of the remote apps for tablets, especially in trucking operations. The technology enables drivers to download manifests and transfer information regarding pick up and delivery times and statuses. This allows real time tracking of the status of the con note and eliminates back office data entry of dockets for billing.

Tablets are an invigorating technology that have already taken over several industries and their functionality is only going to improve. As leaders in research and development Ironbark Software will be developing tablet technology further in key industries.