Ironbark Develops Healthcare Software to Partner HCF and Family Care

May 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Ironbark Software have developed systems for newly partnered HCF and Family Care allowing HCF’s private health care customers to take advantage of Family Care’s after hours medical services.

Launched on Thursday 17th May the system operated without a hiccup. Family Care received their first HCF member call and processed it seamlessly; the customer details were retrieved, the relevant discounts applied, and a mobile doctor was sent to their location for treatment.

This revolutionary system is owned by Family Care and designed and implemented by long term provider Ironbark Software. It allows Family Care to retrieve HCF client data through an instant search technology similar to Google instant search that queries HCF’s web service to retrieve client information within two seconds.

“The relationship between Ironbark Software and Family Care has been extensive – over 30 years – and it is highly productive, professional, and valued,” commented Stuart Tait, Family Care CEO.

This innovative technology was designed specifically for the HCF – Family Care partnership and employs the most advanced technology available enabling it to function much more quickly and smoothly than systems performing the same tasks on the market.

Other medical industry systems such as Medicare’s search system require completed data fields before searching for a match. The Ironbark system starts searching for a positive match as soon as the first piece of data, such as a last name, date of birth, or member number is entered.

This partnership has been extremely beneficial for all members; it has expanded family care’s customer base and has driven them closer to their goal of improving Australia’s over reliance on hospitals. As Australia’s largest not for profit private health insurer, HCF are able to provide greater value to their customers by expanding their services with after hours medical care. Finally Ironbark Software are able to once again establish themselves as leaders in research and development of industry specific software.

The affiliation between Ironbark Software and Family Care continue through their next project – remote health monitoring.

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