Steel Central Goes Live with Ironbark® Manufacturing

November 29th, 2007 by ironbark

Steel Central has gone live with the Ironbark Manufacturing system.

Established in 2002, Steel Central Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated company that
has fast established itself as a quality steel supply and processing specialist to the Mining,
Construction, Engineering and General Fabrication industries.

Steel Central were previously using the COBOL version of Ironbark, but decided to make
the switch to the latest C# version of Ironbark Manufacturing.

Ironbark was originally chosen as the preferred solutions provider as they had the ability
to customize their systems to Steel Central’s specific requirements.

Brendan Keates, Managing Director of Steel Central says, “We chose Ironbark because
we didn’t have to change our processes to suit the system. The system was customized
to suit us…”

An Ironbark client for 5 years, Steel Central wanted to keep their systems up to date. The
new version of Ironbark Manufacturing provided for better functionality and ease of use.
“There was value in upgrading to the new version of Ironbark. We could see that it was
a system that could take us into the future, and with our second branch on the verge of
opening, it was a necessary investment into IT…” says Mr. Keates.

Simon Bridger, Development Team Leader for Steel Central says, “The Ironbark
Manufacturing system will provide the infrastructure required by Steel Central. We have
worked closely with this client to customize their system [and for many other clients as
well] to help them effectively manage and streamline their business. This is our

In the near future, Steel Central will also be looking to implement other add-on Ironbark
modules such as Ironbark Delivery Scheduling and Ironbark CRM.

“Unlike other Manufacturing solutions, Ironbark has allowed us to run our manufacturing
operation the way we want to. We don’t have to conform to a system that limits the
possibility of changing our processes and/or our system. Ironbark Manufacturing has
supplied us with the tools to successfully operate our steel supply business. We would
recommend the Ironbark solution to members of the Manufacturing industry…”
concludes Mr. Keates.


For more information about Ironbark please visit or phone
1800 649 524.

Natalina Ford
Marketing Coordinator
Ironbark Software
Ph: 1800 649 524

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