Ironbark Launches New Issue Logging System

December 10th, 2008 by asa

Ironbark Software announced the launch of a new issue logging system.

The new Ironbark issue logging system (currently implemented at a test site) provides a
range of functions and control which has never been experienced before by Ironbark
clients. Ironbark clients will have the power to manage their own issues using this new
online (internet browser) process. See example screenshots below:


The ability to add/enter issues, close issues and add notes to issues are just some of the
features of the new issue logging system. Issues can be filtered by status (all, entered,
open, internal QA, customer QA and closed) and by priority (critical business failure,
data integrity problems, non critical business failure, reporting failure, minor problems
and change request). The ability to add attachments i.e. word docs, spreadsheets,
JPGs, etc is also a necessary function in the issue logging system, as is PDF reporting.
Clients will also be able to see who has been assigned to a specific issue.

“We have been working towards the launch of an online issue logging system for some
time now and whilst we would like to provide this service to all of our clients, we have
provided it to one client for QA and testing purposes. We are looking to roll this out to
clients in 2009…” says Chris Findlater, Managing Director.

The benefits of an online issue logging system include improved management and
traceability of issues, utilisation of paperless technology, and enhanced reporting and
status functionality.

“This system will allow clients to be kept up to date in one central location and in
general, will improve and streamline the issue logging process. We are always looking to
increase the quality of our services to clients and with the implementation of our new
online support system, this will allow for those improvements to be delivered to our
customers”, concluded Mr Findlater.

This system will eventually replace the incumbent issue processes in place at Ironbark i.e.
faxing/emailing of issues etc.

Access to the online support system will be available via a login section on Ironbark’s


For more information about Ironbark please visit or phone
1800 649 524.

About Ironbark Software:
Ironbark Software develops and supports customized business management software for
high growth companies. Ironbark specialize in a number of different industries, including
Fresh Produce (from growers, to pack houses), WMS, Seafood, Fuel Distribution,
Manufacturing, Timber, Building & Construction, Job Costing, Project Management,
Retail and Medical services. Ironbark’s specialist knowledge in these industries,
combined with their commitment to R&D has led Ironbark Software to be the number
one choice in business management systems for over 30 years.
Ironbark is software to grow with…

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