Endeavour Petroleum Goes Live with Ironbark® Fuel Management System

December 10th, 2007 by ironbark

Endeavour Petroleum has gone live with the Ironbark Fuel Management system.
Endeavour Petroleum has been established since 1991 and has a network of 10 retail
convenience stores in the Gippsland region of Victoria.

Endeavour Petroleum were previously using Radiant Financials, but with Radiant moving
their focus towards the POS/front end system, Endeavour Petroleum sought an
accounting/fuel management system that could manage their growing fuel operation.
Endeavour Petroleum selected the Ironbark Fuel Management system because of
Ironbark’s long standing industry reputation as a reliable and secure, service and
solutions supplier.

“Many of the mid to large fuel operators are utilizing the Ironbark Fuel Management
solution with great results. This provided us with the confidence; confirming our decision
to choose Ironbark Software and their services,” says Jim Arthurson, General Manager of
Endeavour Petroleum.

Ironbark Software have specifically developed this solution for clients in the fuel industry
which encompasses third party interfaces for front of house management (i.e. Radiant,
OnQ, Breeze, etc); enabling full communication and reporting between the two, as well
as PDC Billing, Sales Analysis and Margin Reports, Sales Orders with TGP and Complex
Pricing Models, Delivery Scheduling, Mobile Truck Computing and Commission Agent

“We could see that the Ironbark Fuel Management system would be able to deliver our
specific requirements for the management of our retail fuel sites. The detailed and
comprehensive reporting mechanisms available from Ironbark were an attractive
feature, as well as the interface that communicates with our front of house system,” says

“We are constantly updating and developing the fuel system to suit our client’s ever
changing needs. Our fuel management solution is capable of driving our client’s profits
forward, streamlining their existing processes and improving their overall IT infrastructure,”
says Sacha Fahy, Development Team Leader for Endeavour Petroleum.

Endeavour Petroleum implemented: Accounts Payable, Asset Register, General Ledger,
Radiant Interface, Cash Flow and Fuel Management Reports.

Endeavour went live with Ironbark Fuel Distribution Software in November 2007.


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