Jeftomson – Cold Storage, Transport and Produce

Geoffrey Thompson Holdings  are a group of companies based in Shepparton Victoria Australia. The business includes orchards of apples and pears as well  a large packing operation,  with distribution to the large supermarkets. They trade as jeftomson .

Supporting this operation are cold storage and transport.

Each of these business uses specific strengths of Ironbark Software.

The transport operation services linehaul  to the Eastern state fresh produce  markets  of Australia  from their own pack house in Shepparton and direct from large farms in the region. The Ironbark application provides scheduling, mobile truck tablets and real time tracking and billing for the pickup from farms , consolidation  and transport to the markets. Contract transport (creditors), employees (payroll) and billing (debtors) are all with the Ironbark Financials.

The Cold storage operation comprises seven large chiller and frozen  cold room facilities used for storage of produce and  and third party suppliers for dairy, meat  and other frozen goods.

This operation uses Ironbark paperless WIFI scanning and web portals for supplier transparency of stock on hand and movements.

The system provides total stock  control to pallet and carton level (meat). All  stock movements and activities (re-stack/wrap etc) are tracked using mobile scanners. The system provides electronic ecommerce for inwards and outwards movements as well as integrated email to suppliers with glass POD signatures on inwards and outwards stock.

The end of  week billing is integrated with Ironbark Financials for total control of the process.

The Fresh produce applications of Ironbark provide jeftomson with full Pack house pallet stack and trace for fresh produe from JT farms and other  contributing growers. This system facilitates the distribution to markets,  payback to  growers for market returns and deducts all the associated costs (levies, freight, storage etc).

These systems are ecommerce integrated for the major supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles.

The ecommerce modules allow for tracking the multiple order line variations that occur with large buyers to multiple Distribution Centres(DC) around Australia.

jeftomson chose  Ironbark for their track record with customers of  similar complexity and size,  integration with financials and ability to provide support and development.

The system replaces several other non-integrated (Financials and pack house ) providers.