Ironbark Software helps Moonrocks grow

14th January 2005, Brisbane: World renowned rockmelon producer, Moonrocks has  implemented the Ironbark Fresh Produce software solution.  Moonrocks’ crop, grown  at their 800 acre Queensland farm, is distributed throughout Australia via supermarkets,  independent retailers, processors and distribution groups.  A large proportion is  exported overseas.

Prior to the implementation of the Ironbark Fresh Produce solution, Moonrocks’ legacy  stand-alone systems were struggling to  cope with the demands of their highly  successful and growing business.  The Ironbark system provides not only a completely  integrated solution, but an innovative one which provides Moonrocks with an effective  solution now and into the future.

Ironbark Fresh Produce offers a suite of integrated but activity specific modules to  manage operations at every step of the fresh produce supply chain from the grower  through packhouse, distribution, wholesale and retail to marketing and export.   Moonrocks use Ironbark Fresh Produce to  manage all of their financial and supply  chain processes throughout their farm, packhouse, coolroom and marketing  operations.

In the packhouse, a critical part of the Moonrocks’ supply chain, Ironbark has  introduced mobile computing technology using PDA’s and barcode scanners to build  up consignments by scanning out each pallet from the packhouse.  Barcoding  provides full traceability of the rockmelons at all stages through distribution which is key  for quality control and an increasingly common requirement for suppliers to  supermarket chains.

“Since implementing Ironbark, we have realized some major benefits.  We have been  able to streamline processes throughout  the company, which has resulted in more  effective operations at a significantly lower cost. Ironbark’s experience at developing  solutions for all stages of the fresh produce supply chain meant that they had a  thorough understanding of our requirements from the beginning and developed a  solution which completely meets our needs and desires”  commented David Moon, Managing Director, Moonrocks.

Ironbark’s business management software  solutions are developed in C#, the most  current and future proof development language and part of the Microsoft .NET  environment.


For more information about Ironbark please visit or phone   1800 649 524.

Contact: Natalina Ford

Marketing Coordinator

Ironbark Software

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About Ironbark Software:

Ironbark Software develops and supports customized business management software  for high growth companies. We specialize in a number of different industries, including  fresh produce (from growers, to pack  houses), seafood, fuel distribution,  manufacturing, timber, building and construction and medical services. Our specialist  knowledge in our industries, combined with our commitment to R & D has led Ironbark  Software to be the number one choice in business management systems for over 29  years.

Ironbark is software to grow with…

About Moonrocks:

Moonrocks is a wholly Australian owned and family run business.  Originally a cotton  growing farm, it consists of 800 acres located in the St George Irrigation Area in  Queensland.  Rockmelon production began in 1994 and is now the major farming  activity.  In 2003, Moonrocks were named Emerging Exporter of the Year.

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