Foodstuffs Fresh Goes Live with Ironbark® WMS

A client since 2004, Foodstuffs Fresh first implemented the Ironbark Fresh Produce system
in August of that year.

Since this time, Ironbark together with Foodstuffs Fresh has further developed the
Ironbark Fresh system to meet Foodstuffs Freshs’ specific requirements; one such
requirement being a reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The necessity was there to move from a Pick by Line system to a Cross Docking (Pick on
Receiving) system.

Since its implementation in February this year, Ironbark WMS has helped to reduce two
major risks for Foodstuffs Fresh which was staffing issues and tight timeframes.

“Our business will increase by 80% so this change will allow us to get through the high
level of volume processing on time to continue to services our customers.” Gareth
White, General Manager – Foodstuffs Fresh.

Other benefits of implementing Ironbark WMS are the gains in productivity and accuracy
of pick.


For more information about Ironbark please visit or phone
1800 649 524.

About Ironbark Software:
Ironbark Software develops and supports customized business management software for
high growth companies. Ironbark specialize in a number of different industries, including
Fresh Produce (from growers, to pack houses), WMS, Seafood, Fuel Distribution,
Manufacturing, Timber, Building & Construction, Job Costing, Project Management,
Retail and Medical services. Ironbark’s specialist knowledge in these industries,
combined with their commitment to R&D has led Ironbark Software to be the number
one choice in business management systems for over 30 years.

Ironbark is software to grow with…

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