Australian Garlic Producers go Ironbark

Australian Garlic Producers goes Ironbark

In June 2012 Australian Garlic Producers selected Ironbark Software to implement the Ironbark Fresh ERP solution.

Australian Garlic Producers is located at Iraak near Mildura and was established in 1998 with growers supplying mainly in the Mildura region to meet a need for high quality fresh garlic. Most garlic in Australia is imported from China, however this product has a high level of chemical treatments including irradiation and bleaching.

Quality Garlic is also imported from Mexico, Argentina and Spain in the off season.

Ironbark provided solutions in Warehouse Management , Packing , Processing and Financials.

The system comprised full lot tracking direct from farm block to pack house. The bins are bar code labeled indicating farm, block, variety and date.
At the pack house the garlic is cleaned, graded and stored for drying.
The stock is monitored during the drying process and  weight loss and quality are recorded using mobile scanners and wifi.

Ironbark warehouse management software (WMS) tracks the bins and cool room locations, for accurate stock control.

The accurate recording of both received stock and final cured product is essential for grower pay back and available stock for sale or further processing. It is essential that local and imported product is not mixed.

The garlic can be cracked for sale as cloves, seed processing or manufacture of garlic paste.

The continual re-processing of the raw garlic as it is cured and re-graded is facilitated by mobile tablets using the Ironbark batch processing module. This module produces scan codes and full traceability to the block from the original grower supplied raw garlic.

Sales orders are managed using Ironbark Store orders, an electronic interface with major supermarkets.

Product lot (trace) allocation and dispatch are processed by mobile scanning units for accurate picks.

Sales, grower payments and payroll are all integrated to the Ironbark Financial modules.

Extensive reporting using user selected fields in grids and pivots enables AGP to focus on accurate management of this unique crop.

Markus Kampff, CFO AGP said: “For the first time we have accurate timely reports”.

The reports give feed back on stock levels, yields and market performance for specific varieties and supplying growers.


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