Single Touch Payroll: Get STP Ready

March 21st, 2019 by ironbark

What is Single Touch Payroll


Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new way of reporting tax and super information to the ATO.

This means that you will be required to report salary and wages, tax withholdings and superannuation each time you pay your employees.


From 1 July 2018, STP became mandatory for employers with 20 or more employees. From 1 July 2019, all Australian small business owners are required to report their payroll information.


Ironbark’s Solution

Our solution offers end to end connectivity to the ATO, with no extra costs for using our services.
Whether you are hosted by Ironbark or run on premises, we provide a complete secure solution to submit
and monitor your STP submissions.

If you need a system that not only is ready for STP but covers your entire Business’ needs, Contact Us for a demo.


Micro Employers

If you have four or less employees (micro employer) and you don’t currently use payroll software, Ironbark are developing a low cost Web solution
available between July-September 2019 – Contact Us to find out more information.

Feature of Micro Employer Solution:

  • Payslips generation and compliance
  • Tax and Superannuation calculation
  • Track Accruals
  • Web Based – No hassle with software and hardware maintenance and backups. Access anywhere solution.
  • Minutes to complete
  • Payroll Reporting
  • No more Group Cert or payment summaries


Ironbark Payroll overview

About Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

More Information for Micro Employers (ATO)

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Cloud Computing Security: Safer Than You Think

October 5th, 2012 by ironbark

SME and large corporations alike are expressing concerns about the safety of their data, software, and intellectual property being stored in ‘the cloud’.

Now proud providers of cloud solutions, Ironbark Software wish to clarify a few common questions and debunk some ‘cloud computing’ myths.

The love child of outsourcing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud computing has developed very quickly into a household term, yet it is still surrounded by an aura of mystery.

An excellent working definition of Cloud Computing is that defined by Gartner using five criteria.

1. Service-based. Interface is service based rather than technology focused.
2. Scalable and Elastic. The service is scalable depending on client requirements.
3. Shared. The infrastructure and resources of the software are shared for maximum efficiency.
4. Metered by Use. Multiple payment methods are allowed based on tracked usage compared to the cost of set up or equipment.
5. Uses Internet Technologies. The service is delivered using Internet identifiers, formats and protocols, such as URLs, HTTP, IP and representational state transfer Web-oriented architecture.

Having a solid definition greatly assists in removing ambiguity. Establishing that cloud computing is a definable service, Gartner have also listed further challenges for cloud computing such as, security, compliance, privacy, governance, lock-in (switching costs), business continuity, lost of IT control and ownership, enterprise and user inertia, and ROI.

Cloud Computing Concerns

But the facts are, akin to most cloud computing servers, Ironbark’s data centre is based in a secure facility that is protected from both physical and online intruders.

Both the intellectual property of clients and Ironbark software’s security and privacy are of the utmost importance, and several measures are taken to ensure the continuity of this safety. Not only is this data secure and private from outside influence but also from other clients.

To assist in further debunking of any cloud insecurities, Ironbark have compiled a list of facts true to Ironbark Software’s data centre and cloud computing technologies.

1. There are no clouds involved. We promise.
2. ‘The Cloud’ is not a mythical land that floats in the sky. Data is stored on servers that are located in warehouses, or in Ironbark’s case, a secure, temperature controlled room in our offices.
3. Ironbark’s servers are in a N+2 environment. In laymen’s terms – internet, cooling, and power are all backed up.
4. Cloud hosts take care of ownership, maintenance and administration of hardware, clients pay for the software and hosting.
5. Cloud Computing is not just a trend or fad – a Bloomberg report states that the cloud computing market will reach $270 million by 2020.

The SaaS market has been a key growth area over the past five years, and is not predicted to stem in the near future. Both Forrester and Gartner have forecasted a large increase in the Supply Chain Management sector in particular.

Transferring your business management software to the Ironbark Data Centre will reduce upfront costs, financial risk, operational expenses, and downtime and delays while increasing standardisation throughout the organisation, sustainability, and ROI.

Call Ironbark Software today on 1800 649 524 to discuss customised ERP solutions hosted on the Ironbark Data Centre for your business.

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The Ironbark Debt Collection Team

July 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Our Administration Officer has some very tough connections. She recently spend the day riding around Brisbane showing off our very own…



Ironbark Debt Collection Team

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Telstra, SAP, and Accenture Forge Alliance to Offer Clarity to Cloudy Technology

June 28th, 2012 by ironbark

Telecommunications giant Telstra have partnered with enterprise software company SAP and technology services provider Accenture to offer business software applications as a service to enterprise and government organisations via cloud technology.

SAP, a German owned company standing for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing, was founded in 1972 have now become a large provider of business solutions world wide.

Telstra will provide the SAP licensing, network, and storage via their cloud infrastructure, while Accenture will manage data migration, system integration, software maintenance, and help desk services.

General Manager of cloud services with Telstra, Mark Pratley has stated that offering an amalgamation of licensing, infrastructure, and service design for the cloud was always on the cards.

This is a fantastic development for these companies; however, for clients whose businesses require more synergy of systems, licensing, maintenance, and help desk, a one stop shop provider is recommended.

Business software application providers such as Ironbark Software offer licensing, network and storage capabilities, cloud infrastructure through their data centre, data migration, system integration and importantly, customisation, as well as maintenance and a dedicated help desk team entirely in house.

As ERP solutions are their sole business, Ironbark are able to provide a comprehensive business solutions package customised for specific industries and individual clients. From the initial business meeting and discussing requirements through to data migration and customisation of processes and software, to maintenance and help desk, Ironbark cater for every need internally.

Ironbark believe the most efficient manner of implementing business solutions is via a single provider. This ensures continuity of relationships between consultants and help desk programmers with the clients.

SAP’s head of business solutions and cloud for Australia, Jeremy Goddard, has said “We believe that our customers want choice; and we believe the relationship between Accenture, SAP and Telstra will ensure they have the choice to have all, or part of their application infrastructure in the cloud”. Ironbark agree with the first statement, clients not only want choice, but they often require diversity in choice, as not every company can operate with the same processes. However, this is possible without the amalgamation of services of separate businesses.

Ironbark are currently able to provide ERP solutions to clients via the platform of their choice. From installing hardware on the clients’ premises for private servers with Ironbark Software ready for use to offering business software applications entirely or partially available via cloud infrastructure.

Many larger companies that previously saw benefit of owning and maintaining their own hardware and servers are now looking toward the cloud as a new prospect. No matter what your outlook is on the appropriate platform for the hosting of business software, Ironbark will be able to provide it.

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The Cloud: Cloud Computing is a LIE

June 11th, 2012 by ironbark

Cloud Computing The Cloud, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Hosting and Storage have become all-too-familiar terms that now extend past the IT industry. Just the word ‘cloud’ brings to mind a magical land that erases hardware woes, and gently lifts one up into a utopia where one never again has to fret over software issues, technical support, or the backing up of data. It also conjures images of rainbows spurting out free million dollar software packages and friendly unicorns who offer pleasant and helpful cloud training.

While cloud computing is a real technology that has revolutionised the way business software is handled, it is by no means new nor is it unlimited or absolute in its abilities. The only aspect of cloud computing that has been recently fabricated is the buzz word ‘cloud’.

The omnipresent and all-knowing wikipedia claims “Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.”

This definition sounds strangely similar to the use of mainframes in offices many eons ago. An entire office would use the shared resources, software and information based on a mainframe that was accessed by each user via a thin client. Now the main difference between this system and the concept referred to as ‘cloud computing’ is that the cloud is based around the internet.

With this point conceded, the birth of the internet still occurred over thirty years ago, well before ‘the cloud’ became a house hold term. This also meant the dawn of servers. While not thirty years old, the technology surrounding cloud computing has been available for many years. In a business setting each member of an organisation has their individual computer with an internet connection. This joins them to their company server where software, databases, and information is stored and shared among users. While some organisations have business software installed on individual computers, this is not the only method in which companies function.

One example is Ironbark Software, who offer their business solutions in several ways. The client can purchase their own hardware, use rented space on a preferred provider’s server, or they can take advantage of the Ironbark data centre. They are then able to purchase or subscribe to their choice Ironbark Software package. If they choose to subscribe to the software and use the Ironbark data centre then they simply pay a single set subscription fee that includes hardware maintenance, rental space, server space, and software license and subscription.

Therefore while the ‘newness’ of cloud computing has been debunked, the concept of storing data and software on a server and making it accessible to clients and end users via a simple-to-access internet portal is fantastic technology that has revolutionised the industry and is only going to be developed further by research and development giants such as Ironbark Software.


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Legacy Software No Longer Fuelling the Industry

May 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Fuel DistributionThe fuel industry is a growing beast; there are new developments and breakthroughs that not only affect the large enterprises such as Caltex, Shell, and BP, but the entire industry including distributors and independents.

One such development is Qantas’s latest feat of powering a plane on route from Sydney to Adelaide on a 50 – 50 mix of conventional fuel and refined cooking oil.

This type of development, if it became feasible, sustainable, and conventional is a breakthrough that would not only affect biofuel companies but all fuel distributors.

Distributors who are using older systems are already experiencing problems with integration of software. This is due to many software providers using systems developed 20 to 30 years ago. These systems are still functioning; however, they are under pressure to integrate with point of sale (POS) software and electronic banking.

Several fuel distributors such as Central State Fuels, Malpass, and McDonald Murphy Fuel Services have converted from older legacy systems to Ironbark Software to be able to make use of a fully integrated solution that allows incorporation of Microsoft products. Another driving factor in the decision to upgrade systems is the lack of support and development available for older systems.

The main benefits these fuel distributors have reaped from the change in their systems is the ability for their software to integrate with their POS systems and to take advantage of mobile computing technology through use of android tablets.
The Ironbark Fuel Distribution software allows truck drivers to update operations remotely. This means drivers can download manifests and transfer information pertaining to pick up and drop off times and statuses. The technology also allows for real time tracking of the con note and eliminates back office data entry of freight dockets for billing.

Ironbark Software also provides an abundance of support and most importantly are able to develop and upgrade systems to accommodate changes in the industry.

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Ironbark Develops Healthcare Software to Partner HCF and Family Care

May 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Ironbark Software have developed systems for newly partnered HCF and Family Care allowing HCF’s private health care customers to take advantage of Family Care’s after hours medical services.

Launched on Thursday 17th May the system operated without a hiccup. Family Care received their first HCF member call and processed it seamlessly; the customer details were retrieved, the relevant discounts applied, and a mobile doctor was sent to their location for treatment.

This revolutionary system is owned by Family Care and designed and implemented by long term provider Ironbark Software. It allows Family Care to retrieve HCF client data through an instant search technology similar to Google instant search that queries HCF’s web service to retrieve client information within two seconds.

“The relationship between Ironbark Software and Family Care has been extensive – over 30 years – and it is highly productive, professional, and valued,” commented Stuart Tait, Family Care CEO.

This innovative technology was designed specifically for the HCF – Family Care partnership and employs the most advanced technology available enabling it to function much more quickly and smoothly than systems performing the same tasks on the market.

Other medical industry systems such as Medicare’s search system require completed data fields before searching for a match. The Ironbark system starts searching for a positive match as soon as the first piece of data, such as a last name, date of birth, or member number is entered.

This partnership has been extremely beneficial for all members; it has expanded family care’s customer base and has driven them closer to their goal of improving Australia’s over reliance on hospitals. As Australia’s largest not for profit private health insurer, HCF are able to provide greater value to their customers by expanding their services with after hours medical care. Finally Ironbark Software are able to once again establish themselves as leaders in research and development of industry specific software.

The affiliation between Ironbark Software and Family Care continue through their next project – remote health monitoring.

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Unleashing your Business Potential with SuREAL!

February 8th, 2010 by ironbark

Ironbark Software is proud to announce its partnership with SuREAL.

The team at SuREAL are respectably positioned in the business world with their hands-on expertise on Business Strategic Planning. Both directors, Julienne Barton & Diana King, have an impressive array of business experience spanning over 25 years.

SuREAL will be teaming up with Ironbark to bring you valuable tips on how to unleash your business potential with a fresh and powerful approach.

Here is the first of, hopefully, many future insights from SuREAL for the Success of YOUR Business.

Unleashing your Business Potential
Happy New Year! Strategic Planning doesn’t need to be aligned with a new calendar or financial year … but often these events trigger the need and desire to do so. Especially with many of us returning rejuvenated from our Christmas/New Year holidays, with the opportunity to see things more clearly.

When we talk “Strategic Planning”, we are not referring to detailed operational plans. It is all about taking a bigger picture view of your business and providing an ideal opportunity to “work on your business”! Your marketing and operational plans can then be aligned with your strategic direction, en route to unleashing your true potential.

And best of all … time out of your hectic day to challenge and stretch your current status quo … starting with your current direction or even taking a fresh new start! And more importantly … achieving strategic alignment with the owners and directors of your businesses and your Team – existing and future recruits.

Having a clear strategic direction will help attract the “right” Clients and the “right” Team. It will provide the basis upon which you make key decisions in your business. Ultimately, it is all about enhancing the performance of your business.

This is the first of a series of articles on strategic planning, taking you step by step all the way … using a Strategic Planning process that really works!!!

We will start with developing the Core Foundations upon which to build your plan … being your values, passion & purpose.

> Core values are the non-negotiables and are the cornerstone of your underlying beliefs (also your desired culture).
Can you clearly articulate what the core values of your business are? Are they non-negotiable … are you walking the talk? Do they form part of your recruitment process? Are they front of mind when acquiring or merging with other businesses? Are they reflected through all your communications?

> Passion is the fuel driving the business. Our passion is unleashing your business potential. What is yours?

> Purpose is the reason your business exists. What is your reason for being? Can you clearly articulate it?

Are the Board of Directors in alignment with your core foundations? Is your senior management team in alignment? Does your website reflect it? Are they central to the way you conduct your business?

We successfully work with businesses to not only help them clearly articulate what their core foundations are but to work with their Board of Directors and Senior Management Team to achieve alignment … and in turn work with the broader Team, bring ALL on board.

It is not just about having core foundations … unless there is alignment, cracks will occur and the foundations upon which the business is being built will flounder.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you articulate your core foundations and all importantly an opportunity to work more effectively as a Team (and with all the business owners) please do not hesitate to contact us via

Julienne Barton & Diana King
Directors, SuREAL
“Unleashing your Business Potential”

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Ironbark Software develops an integrated Solution for Steve Parish Publishing On-Line Store

November 21st, 2008 by ironbark

Read the latest business management software case study about how Ironbark worked with Steve Parish Publishing to develop an integrated solution for their web shop.

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For the 5th year in a row, Ironbark Software joins the prestigious Q400

November 12th, 2008 by ironbark

Q400Ironbark Software has made the Q400 list for the fifth year in a row!

Now entering its sixth year and described as one of the key business events of the year, the Q400 is a unique program that provides public recognition of the achievements of Queensland’s local business heroes – the owners of the state’s leading home-grown enterprises.

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