Transport and Logistics

Ironbark have developed a full integrated ERP transport management and scheduling solution,  that provides direct communication with tablets in the trucks.


Orders are scheduled by allocating to trucks , trailers and driver for specific routes. This includes load management  including pallet spaces and total mass and volume.

Drivers can download manifests and manage pick ups, deliveries, mass management, trip information and more.

The system also produces pallet and bin tracking and integrates with pallet suppliers.

Drivers can load and deliver scheduled orders and lodge completed manifests for billing with out return to base.

Additional orders and changes are pushed to the driver’s tablet even while in transit.

POD signatures are captured on tablets and PDA as proof of delivery. These signatures are reprinted and displayed on invoices and audits.

Mass management controls axle load and safe limits.

This system suits both line haul and local pick up and delivery and multi leg hub based scheduling.

Flexible automatic cartage rates and provision for sub contractor haulage.

The Transport system integrates with the Ironbark Financials including payroll with automatic award provisions for allowances (including unloading and overnight).