Timber Industry Software

Timber Industry SoftwareIronbark Timber Industry Software is a complete platform for clients in the Timber industry; from Logging, Milling (sawmill), Fabrication and Wholesale through, to Retail and Point of Sale.

The range and sophistication of Ironbark Timber Industry Software allows you to:

  • Effectively manage your Timber operation across all sectors of the Timber industry
  • Select and convert between lineal, cubic or item measuresTimber Industry Software - shipping register
  • Track individual pack contents
  • Cost effectively by incorporating landed costs
  • Ability to track and trace lengths
  • Accurate costings to pack levels including loose packs
  • Production management through supply chain
  • Business insight through extensive reporting
  • Integrates with Ironbark financials
  • Receival of mill stock & wastage out
  • Ability to setup processes i.e. Dressing, Treatment, etc…Timber Industry Software - log recovery report
  • Multi width/Multi Pack items
  • Scan stock with our RF/Barcode scanning hardware for precise stock control
  • Upload Truss quotes Multinail / Pryda)
  • Value added processing (profile/moulding)


The Ironbark modules for this industry are:

  • POS
  • Logging
  • Milling
  • Stock Control
  • Shipping Register
  • Customer Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotes


These industry specific modules are fully integrated with Ironbark Financials & Payroll to eliminate double-entry and reduce operational costs even further.

Ironbark Timber Industry Software is a robust and intelligent timber specific solution, for more information download the Timber Industry Overview, or call Ironbark on 1800 649 524.