Fresh Produce Software

Fresh Produce SoftwareIronbark’s fresh produce software is built with Microsoft .NET and SQL, the most technologically advanced system available. Ironbark understand the industry’s need for systems to handle large amounts of data such as bin, box, tray and consignments seamlessly. Business processes are also streamlined through Ironbark’s use of barcoding pallets as they are packed which allows their movements to be precisely tracked via RF scanning with handheld mobile devices.

Tablets are used on the Sales floor giving real time stock control and eliminating back office re-entry of sales.

Ironbark’s Fresh Produce Software,

    • Allows communication between growers, suppliers, pack houses, market agents, and buyersfresh produce software - lot tracking
    • Is fully integrated with other software such as financial management, and warehouse management, 3PL, and cold chain management
    • Each solution is tailored to suit individual customers
    • It ensures flow of information throughout the fresh produce business and allows for analysis of business processes
 Ironbark’s fresh produce software is comprised of four main systems,



Fresh Produce Software - sales floor entry

Ironbark Farm Management Software
Ironbark Packhouse Management Software and eFreshPak
Ironbark Food Manufacturing Software
Ironbark Food Distribution Software

The Ironbark modules within the Fresh Produce software packages include:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Pallet & Crate Control
  • Pooling Systems (pack houses)
  • Value add re-pack, regrade  and pack to order
  • Mobile Computing (tablet and PDA)
  • RF Scanning/ Barcoding
  • Claim Tracking
  • Importing/ Exporting Markets
  • Lot Tracking
  • Freight Reconciliation
  • Levy Rebate Tracking and grower pay backs
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Floor – Market Agents
  • EDI Integration
  • Quality Assurance


Why Choose Us?
Ironbark Software’s complete solutions package for fresh produce businesses has been developed to manage all processes from production including grower and packhouse management through to distribution and supply chain management and onto retailers.

Just a few of the reasons our existing fresh produce clients love Ironbark are,

  • Years of experience in fresh produce business management systems
  • Skilled development and support team
  • Use of new technologies such as mobile scanning and tablet technology
  • Utilize the latest in eCommerce direct to supermarkets
  • Supplier portal integration with eFreshpak
  • Seamless integration of modules
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Advanced tracking and traceability features


Research and Development
Ironbark’s fresh produce software is unsurpassed in technological advancement due to their commitment to research and development. It is their dedication to R&D that is their point of difference; it allows them to deliver systems that address the unique requirements of the fresh produce wholesale and distribution industry.

Customer Base
Ironbark understand each client has differing requirements; existing Ironbark customers handle an array of produce including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seafood, flowers and much more. Their success in managing a diverse range of needs can been seen in their eclectic fresh produce customer base, with Montague Fresh, Perfection Fresh, Moonrocks, Favco, Foodstuffs Fresh, Premier Fruits Group, Nippys and Jeftomson all using Ironbark’s fresh produce software tailored to suit their individual requirements.

Using Ironbark Fresh Produce Software Solutions, you will:

  • Handle complex paybacks and claims
  • Allow for informative lot tracking
  • Manage freight, market & industry levies and costs
  • Control quality by tracking individual grower receivals
  • Protect profitability by accurately receiving & picking
  • Tight control over pack house administration ensures accurate costings
  • Have total control of each pallet with accurate stock records and efficient dispatch
  • Utilize the aspects of our comprehensive customer orders system which handles the sale of each pallet to export, agent or supermarket


So give Ironbark a call today on  1800 649 524 for more information about how Ironbark can help your business! Alternatively download the Fresh Produce software overview.