Sales Floor Software

The Ironbark Sales Floor module is designed specifically for the Produce Market sales floor environment.

The system replaces the traditional hand written docket based and hand written sales ledgers practiced for many years. The hand written procedure, whilst fast has many issues such as:

  • Requires re entry in to a back office system
  • Requires extensive reconciliation of stock
  • Allows over sell and under sell of product
  • Requires the salesman to work off ‘stock sheets’ for opening stock on hand.


The Ironbark system addresses all of these issues by using a tablet (iPad/Android) based touch screen (7” or 10”).

These tablets can be used for receival of stock, sales, as well as initiating stock transfers from warehouse to sales floor.

Product, grower, pack type, and grade are selected from dynamically configured screen buttons based on available stock. Quantity and price are entered using pop up number pads on the touch screen.

Bar coding stock is a more advanced option, which accelerates the process considerably.

A scan of buyer card and pallet label are followed by qty and price (written direct to PDA). This produces a priced invoice or pick docket and a queued entry to the warehouse job queue.

If a cash desk is in operation then the sale appears on the cash desk ready for payment or consolidation (several picks orders to one invoice).

Additional information such as pallets, freight company and delivery address are possible using optional screen selections.