EDI Software

Electronic Data Interchange – EDI is the secure and structured method of automatically transferring information between organisations. Types of data to be communicated vary from documents to cheques to customer orders and more. The point of difference with EDI compared to email is that it is an automated process that has a set of standards and occurs without human intervention.

Ironbark provide these eCommerce integrated EDI solutions for major suppliers and supermarkets, such as Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, Mitre10, Australia Post, Kmart, ALDI and many others.

Ironbark have also developed interfaces for proprietary systems providers such as Australia Post, Star Track Express and Australian Express.

The Ironbark EDI solution includes gateway providers as well as direct including ANSI X12, EDIFACT 96A/ 2001B, XML and CSV comma delimited files.

Ironbark modules and protocols supported include Purchase Order, Functional Acknowledgement, Invoicing, Advanced Ship Notification (ASN), Price Lists and printed SSCC labels and Dispatch labels.

Included in the EDI module is a Supplier Portal that facilitates a gateway for distributors to communicate with suppliers to allow the flow of information between both organisations.

eFresh from Ironbark is a good example of this portal.

A distributor will receive purchase orders from Woolworths (including change lines).
The distributor then allocates the stock to be supplied from,
– Current stock,
– One grower,
– Or several growers.
If these grower/s are ecommerce growers then the order is pushed to the portal and pulled by the supplier grower in to the Ironbark eFresh installation or other third party pack house software providers.

eFresh will push back the final order status to the portal as well as stock levels to allow the distributor to view order status and stock availability to eliminate the potential of over or under ordering.