New Ironbark Products Available – Ironbark CRM, Ironbark Cash Flow & Ironbark Business Reporting

January 21st, 2007 by ironbark

Ironbark CRM identifies opportunities for you to up-sell your customer base and follow up where necessary.

The Ironbark CRM module permits you to record the relationship between the client and the organisation from the time the client asks their first question. It is the entire process of a
pre-sales, sales and service relationship with a customer and is a must have business tool for your organisation.

Ironbark Cash Flow provides a more accurate way to produce detailed cash reports up to 50% faster than using spreadsheets. Fully integrating with all other Ironbark modules, Ironbark Cash Flow will help you put your cash to its best use.

Ironbark Vision is fully integrated into your choice of Excel, Word or Executive front ends so users can query, explore and report on data in real time.
With Ironbark Vision timely and accurate reporting is essential to make informed business decisions. Ironbark Vision supplies the architecture you need to generate and distribute the reports.

Not yet an Ironbark Customer? What’s stopping you?
At Ironbark, our customers receive only the best in support and development from an Industry leader. We are 100% committed to seeing your project through. We have over 29 years experience in the industry with a large client base.
For more information or to organise a private demonstration, please contact our office during business hours on phone number: (07) 3423 3811.


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