The Ironbark Debt Collection Team

July 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Our Administration Officer has some very tough connections. She recently spend the day riding around Brisbane showing off our very own…



Ironbark Debt Collection Team

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Ironbark Develops Healthcare Software to Partner HCF and Family Care

May 21st, 2012 by ironbark

Ironbark Software have developed systems for newly partnered HCF and Family Care allowing HCF’s private health care customers to take advantage of Family Care’s after hours medical services.

Launched on Thursday 17th May the system operated without a hiccup. Family Care received their first HCF member call and processed it seamlessly; the customer details were retrieved, the relevant discounts applied, and a mobile doctor was sent to their location for treatment.

This revolutionary system is owned by Family Care and designed and implemented by long term provider Ironbark Software. It allows Family Care to retrieve HCF client data through an instant search technology similar to Google instant search that queries HCF’s web service to retrieve client information within two seconds.

“The relationship between Ironbark Software and Family Care has been extensive – over 30 years – and it is highly productive, professional, and valued,” commented Stuart Tait, Family Care CEO.

This innovative technology was designed specifically for the HCF – Family Care partnership and employs the most advanced technology available enabling it to function much more quickly and smoothly than systems performing the same tasks on the market.

Other medical industry systems such as Medicare’s search system require completed data fields before searching for a match. The Ironbark system starts searching for a positive match as soon as the first piece of data, such as a last name, date of birth, or member number is entered.

This partnership has been extremely beneficial for all members; it has expanded family care’s customer base and has driven them closer to their goal of improving Australia’s over reliance on hospitals. As Australia’s largest not for profit private health insurer, HCF are able to provide greater value to their customers by expanding their services with after hours medical care. Finally Ironbark Software are able to once again establish themselves as leaders in research and development of industry specific software.

The affiliation between Ironbark Software and Family Care continue through their next project – remote health monitoring.

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Unleashing your Business Potential with SuREAL!

February 8th, 2010 by ironbark

Ironbark Software is proud to announce its partnership with SuREAL.

The team at SuREAL are respectably positioned in the business world with their hands-on expertise on Business Strategic Planning. Both directors, Julienne Barton & Diana King, have an impressive array of business experience spanning over 25 years.

SuREAL will be teaming up with Ironbark to bring you valuable tips on how to unleash your business potential with a fresh and powerful approach.

Here is the first of, hopefully, many future insights from SuREAL for the Success of YOUR Business.

Unleashing your Business Potential
Happy New Year! Strategic Planning doesn’t need to be aligned with a new calendar or financial year … but often these events trigger the need and desire to do so. Especially with many of us returning rejuvenated from our Christmas/New Year holidays, with the opportunity to see things more clearly.

When we talk “Strategic Planning”, we are not referring to detailed operational plans. It is all about taking a bigger picture view of your business and providing an ideal opportunity to “work on your business”! Your marketing and operational plans can then be aligned with your strategic direction, en route to unleashing your true potential.

And best of all … time out of your hectic day to challenge and stretch your current status quo … starting with your current direction or even taking a fresh new start! And more importantly … achieving strategic alignment with the owners and directors of your businesses and your Team – existing and future recruits.

Having a clear strategic direction will help attract the “right” Clients and the “right” Team. It will provide the basis upon which you make key decisions in your business. Ultimately, it is all about enhancing the performance of your business.

This is the first of a series of articles on strategic planning, taking you step by step all the way … using a Strategic Planning process that really works!!!

We will start with developing the Core Foundations upon which to build your plan … being your values, passion & purpose.

> Core values are the non-negotiables and are the cornerstone of your underlying beliefs (also your desired culture).
Can you clearly articulate what the core values of your business are? Are they non-negotiable … are you walking the talk? Do they form part of your recruitment process? Are they front of mind when acquiring or merging with other businesses? Are they reflected through all your communications?

> Passion is the fuel driving the business. Our passion is unleashing your business potential. What is yours?

> Purpose is the reason your business exists. What is your reason for being? Can you clearly articulate it?

Are the Board of Directors in alignment with your core foundations? Is your senior management team in alignment? Does your website reflect it? Are they central to the way you conduct your business?

We successfully work with businesses to not only help them clearly articulate what their core foundations are but to work with their Board of Directors and Senior Management Team to achieve alignment … and in turn work with the broader Team, bring ALL on board.

It is not just about having core foundations … unless there is alignment, cracks will occur and the foundations upon which the business is being built will flounder.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you articulate your core foundations and all importantly an opportunity to work more effectively as a Team (and with all the business owners) please do not hesitate to contact us via

Julienne Barton & Diana King
Directors, SuREAL
“Unleashing your Business Potential”

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Ironbark Software develops an integrated Solution for Steve Parish Publishing On-Line Store

November 21st, 2008 by ironbark

Read the latest business management software case study about how Ironbark worked with Steve Parish Publishing to develop an integrated solution for their web shop.

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For the 5th year in a row, Ironbark Software joins the prestigious Q400

November 12th, 2008 by ironbark

Q400Ironbark Software has made the Q400 list for the fifth year in a row!

Now entering its sixth year and described as one of the key business events of the year, the Q400 is a unique program that provides public recognition of the achievements of Queensland’s local business heroes – the owners of the state’s leading home-grown enterprises.

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Ironbark Fresh Produce Software features in Fruit & Vegetable News

October 14th, 2008 by ironbark

Growcom LogoGot a ‘Lot’ to Manage? View View Ironbark’s latest spread in Fruit & Vegetable News, October 2008 edition.

About Fruit & Vegetable News

Growcom produces serveral publications including monthly magazine Fruit & Vegetable News and fortnightly e-newsletter Horticulture Now.

Fruit & Vegetable News is a monthly magazine, read by up to 7000 commercial fruit and vegetable growers and their families, as well as those with a vested interest in the industry.

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Not long now until Ironbark’s 30th!!

September 23rd, 2008 by ironbark

Not long now until Ironbark’s 30th Anniversary Gala Event and the RSVPs keep pouring in!

Guests will savour the mouth-watering canapes and fabulous refreshments; and will see guests treated to a spectacular and exciting live performance!

If you haven’t receieved your Ironbark 30th Anniversary Gala Event Invitation  or contact
Natalina Ford, Sales & Marketing Coordinator on: (07) 3423 3811.

Details are:

7.30pm – 10.30pm
Friday, 17th October 2008
QUT ‘The Block’, Creative Industries Precinct
The Shed 1, Musk Avenue
Kelvin Grove QLD

Are you an out of town guest requiring accommodation?  Well, we’ve done the leg work for you and have lined up an excellent deal with the Medina Executive Brisbane. Ironbark 30th Guest Information and see the special rates with the Medina.

Confirm your attendance by Friday, 3rd October to guarantee your spot at this milestone event and help celebrate 30 years of Ironbark!

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Ironbark Software Grows and Grows!

July 23rd, 2008 by ironbark

Ironbark Grows & Grows and moves into new space at the Brisbane Technology Park.

The Brisbane Technology Park Exchange Newsletter outlines Ironbark’s need for a larger space due to business success and expansion.

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Ironbark Software is celebrating 30 years in business

July 2nd, 2008 by ironbark

Ironbark Celebrating 30 YearsIronbark Software is celebrating 30 years in business and to commemorate this milestone event, we would like to invite you to our Anniversary Gala Event.

Invitations  will be sent in coming weeks and details outlining the event can be found in the Ironbark’s 30th Anniversary Press Release.

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Ironbark Fresh Produce Software is profiled in National Marketplace News

June 28th, 2008 by ironbark

Ironbark Software was recently profiled in over 3 pages in the latest edition of Australia’s leading Fresh Produce publication National Marketplace News…
Read about Ironbark’s place in the industry as a technology company with solutions.

About National Marketplace News

In a climate where glossy publications come and go, National Marketplace News has been unwavering. It boasts the largest circulation of all Australian horticultural publications, with a circulation of 11,000 and an estimated readership of 27,500 and CAB Audited.

Reporting the latest news and happenings in the industry; a totally relevant publication that is ‘a must read’ for anyone in the business of fresh produce. Every issue has literally dozens of news articles that serve to help readers in their business decision making; what to grow, what not to grow, what to buy, what not to buy, what’s affecting crops overseas and domestically, changes to quarantine rules, upcoming promotions, new disease control measures, new varieties and new technologies…

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