Austech Manufacturing & Wholesale Software Case Study

Austech LogoCompany Profile
Based in Brisbane, Austech Industries are a leading wholesaler of pneumatic and petrol powered equipment. Austech supply products nationwide to major retailers including Kmart, Repco and Mitre 10. The business also includes a manufacturing division which designs and builds specialty products.

Business Issues
When it became clear that their collection of disparate processes was not allowing the business to grow and develop as well as it could, Austech decided to look for a fully integrated and cohesive solution to run their business, logistics and manufacturing operations. In 1993 they installed the Cobol version of the Ironbark Wholesale Distribution / Manufacturing system.

With an emphasis on customer service and a commitment to continuous innovation, Ironbark Software have completely re-developed all of their modules, across all industry sectors to Microsoft C#, part of the .NET environment and the most future proof development language ensuring that their solution is as future proof as it can be.

The Solution
Since 1993, Austech have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from running their business with Ironbark – a complete suite of fully integrated software modules, capable of managing every area of their business effectively.

From managing the company’s manufacturing processes to ensuring effective logistics operations to providing efficient administrative procedures, the Ironbark system is ubiquitous throughout Austech.

In addition, Ironbark Software have developed additional functionality, specifically to meet Austech’s unique requirements. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been integrated into the supply chain to provide Austech’s customers with a real time and electronic ordering process.

Companies like Kmart can now send their orders whenever a specific item is required, rather than waiting until multiple items are required. This innovation cuts down the requirement for manual intervention on behalf of the customer as the system will collate each item request into a full order. A file with full order details is sent back to the customer electronically as confirmation of receipt.

Stock levels and other details are checked on each item order received – if all is okay, the order automatically produces a purchase order and is fulfilled. If there is a problem with the order such as a price variance or product is out of stock, it is logged in the order system until the issue is resolved before being moved on to the purchase order stage.

This new development is not only streamlining internal order processes for Austech but also allowing them to better satisfy their customers’ requirements.

Ironbark has not only provided them with an effective business management system but with a scalable, future proof solution capable of growing with the business – in short, software to grow with.

Why Choose Ironbark Software?

  • Austech Industries have identified their reasons for choosing Ironbark Software as:
  • Extensive experience in software systems
  • Experienced development team
  • Continuous innovation
  • Seamless integration of modules
  • User friendliness including GUI windows interface
  • Improved efficiency and service levels


The Benefits
Since its implementation, Ironbark Manufacturing has become critical to Austech Industries’ everyday operations. With the recent upgrade to Microsoft C#, they now benefit from increased functionality and a flexible system capable of adding and integrating new technologies.
The innovative use of EDI has allowed Austech to build on the relationships they have with their customers by offering additional functionality, allowing them and their customers to benefit from streamlined ordering processes.

What the Customer Says:
“Since installing Ironbark back in 1993, we have been impressed with the functionality of the system and Ironbark’s commitment to the integration of new technologies. The recent conversion to C# has opened up lots of new possibilities for new technology integration and we’re looking forward to exploring these options with Ironbark Software in the future.” Kevin Davis, Managing Director

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