Totally Workwear Cairns Goes Live with Ironbark

Totally Workwear Cairns have gone live with the Ironbark Totally Workwear system.
Established in 1965, Totally Workwear are the specialists in work wear. Each store is
locally owned and operated with over 41 stores around Australia with locations in every
state with further expansion planned for the group in 2008.

Totally Workwear Cairns were previously using the older COBOL version of Ironbark, but
at that point in time, there had been minimal development of the COBOL system.
Totally Workwear Cairns were attracted to another software vendor, even implementing
this other vendor’s solution. Over the course of 3 years, their system requirements were
not fulfilled.

“We returned back to Ironbark, but this time on the new Ironbark C# (C Sharp) system.
We had heard good things about the newer version of Ironbark from 2 or 3 other Totally
Workwear sites who underwent a recent upgrade. The solution that had originally been
replaced by Ironbark was not performing to the standard we had hoped for so we
came back to Ironbark as it is a proven, reliable system”, says Chris Kingsbury – Owner of
Totally Workwear Cairns.

Ironbark’s focus has been on the development of Ironbark C# (C Sharp) as opposed to
development on the Ironbark COBOL system.

Sacha Fahy, Development Team Leader for Totally Workwear Cairns says, “Ironbark C# is
far more robust and stable than previous versions. The COBOL version does not provide
us with the tools for development as it is written in an older platform. To maintain our
competitive technological edge, it has been necessary for our team to move onto
progressive up-to-date software platforms. For this reason many clients are upgrading
from Ironbark COBOL and/or selecting Ironbark to be their preferred solutions provider…”

At the end of September, Totally Workwear Cairns implemented a full Ironbark system
consisting of Debtors, Creditors, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Customer Orders,
POS, Purchase Orders, Stock, Sales Analysis, Payroll and Quotes.

Ironbark has also supplied Totally Workwear Cairns with LAPOS point of sale printers and
RF/Barcode scanning hardware for easier stock management.

“We are an extremely busy store usually running at 200%. To aid in the management of
our stock lines, we will be implementing our newly purchased RF/Barcode scanning
devices” says Kingsbury.

The implementation of RF/Barcode scanning devices is an attractive solution for many
clients who are looking to make their stock control processes easier. These devices are
fully integrated into the Ironbark system which makes the tracking of stock alot simpler.
This especially relates to clients who undergo heavy amounts of daily stock transactions.
“The future looks bright. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Ironbark
Software” says Kingsbury.


For more information about Ironbark please visit or phone
1800 649 524.

Natalina Ford
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Ironbark Software
Ph: 1800 649 524

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