Ironbark Announces their new After Hours Support Service

Ironbark now provide After Hours Support services outside of normal trading hours.
Clients who require urgent attention* are now able to receive immediate assistance by
calling Ironbark’s dedicated support mobile phone number (before 7.30am and after
6.00pm, Monday- Friday; All Day Saturday and Sunday).

“This service will significantly increase the level of client support which has not been
available in previous years – until now… We are confident that many of our clients will
welcome this service, especially our clients in the Fresh Produce industry”, said Chris
Findlater, Managing Director of Ironbark Software.

Ironbark have implemented systems to efficiently manage their After Hours Support
service with staff allocated via a sophisticated roster system.

“There are considerable benefits for our clients who have taken up this service; who
operate outside normal trading hours, and we are optimistic that this service will
dramatically improve our client satisfaction levels …” said Mr Findlater.

Clients are still able to receive support during normal business hours (7.30am – 6.00pm;
Monday-Friday) either by calling Ironbark on ph: (07) 3423 3811 or by emailing the
support team:

* Urgent attention is defined as “a critical issue in which the business cannot continue trading unless resolved.”
Please contact Ironbark if you require information about Ironbark’s After Hours Support


About Ironbark Software:
Ironbark Software develops and supports customized business management software for
high growth companies. Ironbark specialize in a number of different industries, including
Fresh Produce (from growers, to pack houses), WMS, Seafood, Fuel Distribution,
Manufacturing, Timber, Building & Construction, Job Costing, Project Management,
Retail and Medical services. Ironbark’s specialist knowledge in these industries,
combined with their commitment to R&D has led Ironbark Software to be the number
one choice in business management systems for over 30 years.

Ironbark is software to grow with…

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