2007-2008 End of Year – What should you do?

EOY Accountant Question: How long can I keep operating after year end before I have to roll over?

Answer: Ironbark has 15 accounting periods which allows you to continue trading after year end without having rolled the General Ledger into the next year. The 15th period can be extended as far out as you like (max to 30 June the next year). This allows you sufficient time to finalise your year end accounts. Period dates are changed in General Ledger/ Controls/ Period Maintenance.

Question: What do I have to do at year end?

Answer: Once you have finalised your year end accounts, you are ready to roll the General Ledger. You will need to do the following before running the Year End Rollover:
Run through your End Of Year Ironbark Checklist to ensure you have posted everything.

Arrange for Ironbark Support to take a copy of the General Ledger – this is very important as this data is cleared. This copy will be added to the Ironbark Menu as another company. You will then be ready to run the Year End rollover program.
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